Learn about stress management tips and signs of mental health concerns

The Mental Wellness + You Workshop includes a presentation from health professionals and students, a resource package, activities, and workbook to help students achieve their health goals.

This workshop consists of the following topics:

  • Learning about different mental illnesses, symptoms, and treatments

  • How to help someone who has a mental illness and/or is stressed

  • The types of stress situations that occur in post-secondary school/high school

  • Sharing of experiences from people who have mental illnesses or high stress situations

  • Skills to help manage stress: meditation, coloring, physical activity etc.​

During the presentation, students are given a printed workbook to engage in our activities such as

  • Creating a physical activity log to stay on track;

  • Using journals effectively to release your thoughts and ideas;

  • Learning how to meditate and begin deep breathing exercise;

  • Identify mental health concerns and how to support someone with mental illness;

  • Accessing credible and helpful resources like how to monitor your sleep or manage your