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How many classes is too many?

Q: How many classes should I take my first semester of university for an easy transition from high school?

A: As all of you are approaching your first ever university registration date, I’m sure that the sole thought of it is nerve-racking. At least that was the case for me! Thinking about course loads can be super stressful and there are so many factors that you need to take into account prior to your registration date (work, your social life, being able to graduate on time). For those who are wishing for a slow and gradual transition from high school to university, I strongly suggest that you take a smaller course load. During my first year, I took 4 courses for Winter term and 4 courses for Spring term. I personally found my choice to take four courses to be a good one, as I wasn’t overwhelmed with the amount of work I had nor did I ever feel like I didn’t have enough work to do. Another benefit to taking 4 classes each term was that I was able to complete the majority of my program requirements for first year in order to be promoted to second year right on track. Just because I took 4 classes does not mean that you all have to as well, if you aren’t comfortable taking that many - don’t. University is a big transition from high school and it’s best to take the most comfortable route for you. Keep in mind, that a smaller course load does not always mean a higher GPA. It’s your study habits that will get you that pristine GPA you’re all striving for and are capable of. University workloads differ with every individual, as everyone has their own daily schedule and ways of doing things.

For those who are still worried, don’t freight. Empower the Future is here to help you, with whatever questions/concerns you may have.

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